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Determination of residency

In-state tuition rates are granted to residents of the commonwealth of Virginia, as well as non-residents who have been reclassified as a Virginia resident for tuition purposes. Out-of-state students seeking in-state tuition rates must provide clear documentation that they are living in Virginia for a primary purpose other than attending school. If you are requesting in-state tuition rates, include the application for Virginia in-state tuition [PDF] with your application packet or you will be classified as an out-of-state student. Applicants will be informed of their residency status in their VCU letter of acceptance.

Questions regarding the determination of eligibility for in-state tuition benefits or how to appeal classification may be obtained from the university’s Residency Office in the Office of Records and Registration. Additional information on domiciliary status in the commonwealth of Virginia is available from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.