The graduate community

Financing graduate study

In addition to need-based financial aid awarded through the Office of Financial Aid, graduate students at VCU are eligible for a number of university-sponsored financing options, including scholarships, employment opportunities, and fellowships and teaching assistantships. All forms of graduate student support are reported to the Office of Financial Aid and are considered when determining need-based support.

Graduate students should consult VCU’s tuition and fees schedule, as well as the standards for determining in-state residency to identify the costs associated with graduate education and the best solution for financing. The VCU student tax guide can also provide basic information regarding the tax status of various payments made by the university to students.

GradSense is a tool provided by the Council of Graduate Schools in collaboration with TIAA-CREF. This tool is intended to help students explore the added value of a graduate degree along with debt levels and salary ranges. This website provides calculators to determine debt and loan repayment as well as job tips and helpful links.